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About Decisive

Digital Marketing Technology Company

Decisive Analytical Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a Software development company focused on building cutting edge software product primarily focused in the space of Digital Marketing Industry Technology (MarTech) based in Bangalore, India.

In the year 2013 a team of experienced Marketing and Technology professionals recognized that “DATA” as a new metric for Marketers in Digital channel unlike the traditional Marketing which includes Offline channels Hence, DASPL developed a unified marketing platform called PLUMB5 as a SaaS product, capable of tracking all interactions of customer and engaging them intelligently in real-time on multiple channels.

We believe in accurate Estimation from Digital versus Assumptive Guess metrics as it happens in Offline. Inputs, Process and Output is the key when we keep the Customer in the center to solve the problem.

We believe in the Mantra - “What gets measured gets improved"

Introducing our ground breaking solution in the field of Digital Marketing. Today, businesses face significant challenges in effectively communicating with their target audience.


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Plumb5 as an integrated platform allows businesses to bring all their customer data together spanning Website, Mobile, Email, Social, Commerce, CRM, Loyalty, Offline store and Call data.